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Drip, Drop, Drain: Which Types of Showerheads Should You Install?


Which Types of Showerheads Should You Install

Maybe you’re making some updates to your bathtub? Perhaps you’re remodeling your bathroom in its entirety? Whatever the case may be, you’re looking to install a new showerhead.

The only question you have now is: what types of showerheads are available to you? In truth, there are quite a few, probably more than you realize. So, to help you pick the right type, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of each.

High-Pressure Showerhead

We’ll begin our list of all the types of showerheads with the high-pressure showerhead. This is the most commonly used showerhead in existence. Coming in a wide range of sizes and styles, it offers a number of spray settings.

On its lowest setting, it produces a weak drizzle, facilitating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. On its highest setting, it produces a jet spray, capable of massaging the body.

High-pressure showerheads can generally be maneuvered, twisting up, down, to the left, to the right, and hitting every angle in between. As such, they can accommodate users of all heights and reach every portion of their corresponding bathtub as needed.

Low-Pressure Showerheads

Low-pressure showerheads are very similar to high-pressure showerheads. The only difference between the two is that, while high-pressure showerheads tend to produce high water pressure, low-pressure showerheads tend to produce low water pressure.

Like high-pressure heads, low-pressure heads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with a variety of water settings. Plus, they can be maneuvered, allowing maximum body coverage.

If you prefer a relaxing trickle of water over a hydro jetstream, the low-pressure showerhead is the better option for you.

Rain Showerhead

Want to feel as though you’re showering in a rainstorm? If so, you should install a rain shower head. These showerheads are larger than most other showerheads, as they’re intended to cover the entirety of their users’ bodies.

Positioned parallel to the ground, they allow water to fall from their faces. In contrast, other showerheads force water out of their faces, providing much more water pressure overall.

Note, while rain shower heads can provide a great deal of comfort and relaxation, they have some limitations. Namely, they’re rigidly positioned, unable to twist and turn in the exact angles that are needed. Not to mention, they might not provide enough pressure for some tastes.

Handheld Showerhead

Another option you might consider is the handheld showerhead. These types of showerheads are as versatile as a shower head can come, As they can be maneuvered to accommodate all parts of the body at close range. When not being held in the hand, they can be mounted, acting as traditional showerheads.

Depending on the type of handheld showerhead you buy, it could have some limitations. If it mounts to a stationary fixture, it won’t be able to maneuver while mounted. Note, though, that if it’s mounted to a sliding fixture, it will be able to maneuver in all directions while mounted.

Generally speaking, handheld showerheads have the ability to adjust their water pressure. As such, they can provide both rain-like and jetstream effects. That said, some offer more features than others.

LED Showerhead

Like to add a bit of atmosphere to your shower time? If so, you might consider installing an LED showerhead. LED showerheads are equipped with colored lights, making them the perfect option for those who are tired of the traditional bathroom aesthetic.

Some LED showerheads are heat-sensitive, switching light color based on water temperature. For instance, whereas cold temperatures might trigger blue lights, medium temperatures might trigger green lights and hot temperatures might trigger red lights.

In terms of performance, LED showerheads are hit-or-miss. That said, if you buy one from a reputable brand, you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Whether you want a small, high-pressure showerhead, a large, rain-like showerhead, or something with adjustable capabilities, there should be an LED version that accommodates you.

Dual Showerhead

Looking to get the best of both worlds with these types of showeheads? If so, you should install a dual showerhead. A dual showerhead is essentially a combination of two showerheads, one of which is a rain showerhead and the other of which is a handheld showerhead.

In addition to providing you with great relaxation and comfort, dual showerheads are also highly versatile. Because the handheld portion of the showerhead can be moved to all points of the body, it allows for max cleanliness.

The downside to dual showerheads? Generally speaking, they’re expensive. After all, you’re paying for two showerheads.

Note, though, that because they’re bundled as a single unit, they usually cost less than what you would pay for a separate rain showerhead and a separate handheld showerhead. As such, a dual showerhead often ends up being a cost-effective option.

Shower Panel

The shower panel is essentially a more high-end version of the dual showerhead. Consisting of a handheld showerhead, a rain showerhead, and a control panel that’s mounted flat across the shower wall, it provides not only top-notch functionality but a luxurious aesthetic as well.

Shower panels provide everything you could ever need out of a showerhead. And because of the way that they’re constructed, they’re scarcely clogged by mineral buildup or other forms of gunk.

Of course, with their capabilities comes a high price tag. But if the expense is not an obstacle to you, they’re as good as you’re going to find.

Which Types of ShowerHeads Suit You?

As you can plainly see, there are all types of shower heads for you to utilize. So, regardless of your showering preferences, there is a showerhead available that will accommodate you.

Need help finding a new showerhead? If so, and if you’re in the Colorado Springs area, Talmich Plumbing & Heating can help. Not only will we help you find the perfect showerhead for your purposes, but we’ll also install it for you.

Contact us today to get the process started!

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  1. Kevin Fox

    Low-Pressure Showerheads – what models do you recommend for this? I’ve been trying to find low-pressure showerheads for people with disabilities that have sensitive limitations, but all I can seem to find online is High-Pressure Showerheads. Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated.


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