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As the seasons change, it becomes apparent soon enough that we will be relying on the heating systems in our homes and businesses to keep us warm and comfortable. This is no more essential than when the Colorado cold sets in. You know what I am talking about.

Heating Repair Service of Gas Furnace-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

It is not a mystery nor should it be as to how equipment as specialized as your heating system manages to perform year in and year out. It just takes a little care and attention to maintain systems operating at optimal levels to provide efficient heating. That includes having our licensed, certified, professional technicians from Talmich Heating & Plumbing make a planned visit to your residence or business every fall to perform routine inspection and maintenance.

Routine Maintenance Controls Costs

Whether your heater is brand new or getting on in years, you easily prolong the life of your heating system when you have us check it out to ensure it is performing up to par. Talmich technicians specialize in the many different types of heaters including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, split and ductless systems or radiant heating systems.

They are all machines with moving parts. They need to be checked with some regularity and tuned up to prevent a costly heating repair and to keep them humming along. You also keep control of your utility expenses when your system is performing at its highest level.

Heat Pump Repair & Intsallation-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

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Leave Your Heater Off Your DIY List of Things to Do

It is best not to wait until you hear odd or loud noises emanating from you heating system before you call us. It is further recommended that the heating unit is one machine for which you resist doing your own repairs. There are a number of reasons for this:

1. Any fuel-burning machine is going to produce carbon monoxide.
2. Natural gas heating units present a potential fire hazard.
3. Doing your own repairs may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Carbon monoxide gas is both colorless and odorless, which is why Colorado law requires all homes with gas furnaces and appliances that were either sold or rented after July 1, 2009 be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. Maintaining your heater in good repair helps prevent carbon monoxide issues. Both smoke alarms and CO detectors need to be tested regularly and replaced after ten years or accordingly as the manufacturer recommends.

Emergency Response

Beyond checking a circuit breaker, lighting a pilot or changing out a filter, even basic maintenance or heating repair may be more complicated. Leaving your heating system to trust that it will always perform on demand is also a risk. A heater that fails to provide the warmth you need when the cold sets in is the very definition of an emergency.

It is a good thing our Talmich technicians respond to emergency calls to come out and perform heating repairs to get your system up and running again. You don’t want to be caught off-guard when you are counting on that heater to work for you when the temperature plummets and you are chilled to the bone at home.

Gas Furnace Flame-Emergency Heating Repair-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

Some of the Symptoms of Heating System Problems

If you are unsure of or unaware of some of the symptoms of a failing heating system, here are some of the indications to be aware of so they do not get ignored:

  • Clogged filters – can restrict airflow necessary to properly run the system. Filters should be replaced on a monthly basis.
  • Ignition malfunction – a hot surface ignition relies on a controlled resistance heating element to activate the gas burner, and an intermittent pilot uses a high voltage electrical spark to light the pilot and main burners with it.
  • Thermostat failure – the device that controls how much heat your system produces. Thermostat failure limits the hot air that would otherwise keep you warm and comfortable.
  • Poor air circulation – back to the moving parts, if the fan motors, bearings or belts are compromised, your heater can seem to be taking a long time to achieve the desired comfort level in the home.
  • Mechanical problems – all the parts of a heating system work together to operate as one successful unit. If any one part fails, it can impede performance or even cause the system to fail.
  • Gas leak – typically detectable from the obvious sulfur smell. Upon the first detection of this odor, act immediately by shutting of the gas supply valve making sure no flames or matches are ignited before the local gas utility clears the house.
  • Clogged oil burner – older furnaces tend to have oil burner issues easily solved by cleaning the filter or replacing it with a new one.
  • No heat – this is most often the result of a bad fuse or a tripped breaker.
  • Noises – usually the sign of a mechanical problem or loose belts.
  • A spike in your utility bill – problems with ductwork or other issues that need attention can cause an increase in your monthly heating bill without a corresponding increase in usage.

If you diagnose the possibility of any of these issues, be sure to give our family-owned and operated plumbing company a call at Talmich Plumbing & Heating. We make appointments according to your schedule and provide free estimates for any of our plumbing services or heating services.

Today’s Technology Offers Great Improvements

As the experts in Colorado Springs plumbing and heating, we are here for our residential and commercial customers. Contact us if you have any questions, want to learn more or have an emergency that requires immediate attention. Whether you simply need maintenance, repair or a complete replacement of your heating system, Talmich is ready to help you sort it all out.

Smart Thermostat Installation-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

Ask us about the advancements in systems if it has been some time since you have had a new heater. We can replace or retrofit your existing system.

If you are frustrated heating the entire house with empty rooms, ask us about zone control systems that give you precision control. If you want to learn more about ductless heaters, ask us about ductless mini-split systems.

There are high-tech thermostats available now that are smart and extend your ability to control how you use your heating utility through a mobile device even when far afield.

Technological advances continue to improve heating systems offering newer features and benefits that make installation of a new system extremely enticing.

Be sure to also check out our plumbing and heating blog for helpful tips for your home systems. If you find that you need professional help with your heating system please give us a call.

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