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Drain Cleaning & Rooter Services

How often do you think about the drains in your home? If you are like most people, not very often. Until something goes wrong, that is. The water may drain slower than it did. You might be getting foul smells coming up. You might even have a drain overflow. In any case, a drain cleaning may be in order.

Drain Cleaning Rooter Service-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

If your drains need attention, don’t stress over it. Just place a quick call to call Talmich Plumbing & Heating at 719-640-3877. We would be happy to come solve your drainage issue’s quickly and affordably.

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Why should you trust Talmich with all of your drain cleaning or rooter service needs? We are a CO licensed and insured master plumber. We are a family-owned and operated business, local to the Colorado Springs area. When you need it, we can offer emergency service if it cannot wait until tomorrow.

Drain Cleaning Services

The primary reason for cleaning drains is to remove clogs and other build-up which interfere with the ability for water and waste to flow out of the house. A number of things can cause clogs:

  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Food particles
  • Oil
  • Tree Roots
  • Mineral sediment
  • Flushed toys

One of the more common major reasons why drains get clogged is the infiltration of tiny roots into the main drain line. These roots get in through tiny openings where lengths of pipe meet.

Tree Root Blockage-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

They start out as microscopic, but quickly grow into a mass of roots that can cause a complete clog of the sewer line.

No matter what is causing your clogged drains, you need a cleaning and rooter service to get things flowing again. That why you should call Talmich today.

How Do You Know If Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned?

Let’s start with the most obvious sign you have a major clog, that needs main line drain cleaning or rooter service. Your toilet gets backed up and overflows all over the floor. While cleaning up the mess left behind, put in a call to have your drain clogs cleared.

Some signs are not so obvious. Does any of this sound like something you are experiencing?

  • Water drains slowly out of the sink or tub. If it happens in more than one fixture, you may have a clog deep in the drain lines.
  • Foul smells emanate from your drains. Clogs accumulate particulates that start decomposing over time. That smell comes from the decomposition.
  • Toilet won’t flush completely. You flush the toilet and it takes forever to go down. It often doesn’t take everything with it, so you have to flush again.
  • Water drains unevenly, fast sometimes, slow others. Clogs can come and go as particulates build up and break off the main obstacle in the drain.

If you are seeing any of these signs, you need to schedule an appointment to have your drains inspected. You may only need to have a pipe snaking to clear a clog in one fixture. On the other hand, you may need to have your drain system cleared from top to bottom.

Sewer Camera Drain Inspection-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

Preventing Clogged Drains

Preventing clogs is easier than you might think. Here are a few tips to keep the drains in your home or office flowing freely:

  • Never pour grease, oil, or food residue down the drain. It can cling to the sides of the pipe and become the start of a clog.
  • Use drain screens to capture hair and other particulates. Clear them out regularly.
  • Brush your hair before you shower or bathe. Using a hair brush before you bathe will release any loose hair you might have outside the tub.
  • Clean your drain stoppers. Remove hair and other debris before it gets down the pipe.
  • Pour hot water down the drain for a minute or two once a week. This helps remove any residue before it causes a blockage.

A few simple steps can prevent the need to call for drain cleaning services. It’s far cheaper to prevent a clog than to pay for a rooter service to clean it out.

Drain Line Clearing Before It Clogs

Have you ever thought about being proactive with cleaning your drains? Instead of waiting for a toilet back up or other such disaster, have your drains cleaned before a problem develops.

Most clogs requiring rooter service are not a sudden occurrence. They start out as built-up residue on the side of the pipe. Over time, the accumulated residue slows down the drain. Eventually, hair and other particulates cling to the residue, creating a clog. The clog gets worse and worse.

Scheduling a preventative drain cleaning service can end up saving you time and hassle. You won’t have slow drains, foul smells, or backed up toilets.

UnClog Drain Equipment-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

Let Talmich Handle Your Drain Clogs

It’s time the drains in your home flow fast and free by clearing debris out of the depths of your drain system. Also it’s time to prevent a sewer back up from leaving a smelly mess behind.

It’s time to call the team here at Talmich. Let our team of professionals do their rooter service magic at clearing away any problems your drains might have.

Why call Talmich for your main line drain cleaning or rooter service needs? The core of our team is the father-son duo, Tom and Erik Talmich. Along with our entire team of professional plumbers, we bring decades of experience to ever job we take on. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business, local to the neighborhoods of Colorado Springs and surrounding communities.

When you need assistance Call Talmich Plumbing & Heating at 719-640-3877 for all your drain clearing needs.

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