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Boiler Installation & Repair

Boilers are an efficient way to heat homes here in Colorado. They bring heat to every part of the house, keeping you warm and cozy throughout the winter. Unfortunately, on occasion, you do need to repair them. And, eventually, after many years of service, you will need to replace them.

Boiler Repair-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

For any boiler repair, installation, service, or replacement needs you might have, call Talmich Plumbing & Heating at 719-822-0448 anywhere in the Colorado Springs area.

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We are a locally owned and operated family business. We take pride in providing the best service possible to our friends and neighbors in Colorado Springs and surrounding communities. When you need it, we offer emergency service for our clients. Before we do the work, we will give you a free estimate so there are no surprises. Call us today.

Boiler Repair

A well-maintained boiler can go for years without need a repair. Unfortunately, the time will come when the boiler will need a repair. That’s when you need the services of a boiler specialist.

Every winter, we get called out to make repairs on both residential and commercial boilers. In either case, we often see common issues over and over again. Some common reasons for boiler breakdowns include:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Low water levels
  • Broken diaphragm
  • Motorized valve failure
  • Broken airlock
  • Leaking boiler
  • Broken thermocoupler
  • Limescale buildup
  • Air buildup

Our team of heating specialists can troubleshoot and repair almost every problem your boiler might have. Call us whenever you have a boiler problem.

New Boiler Installation-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

Boiler Installation and Replacement

You can expect a well-maintained boiler to last at least 10 to 12 years, though some are still going after 20. At some point, however, you will start to need a repair, which will become more frequent as the system ages. Frequent breakdowns are a sign that it’s time to do a complete boiler replacement.

Here are a few other signs you need to schedule a replacement soon:

  • The boiler is taking several minutes to heat up. It should only take seconds.
  • The boiler is less than 90% efficient. Replacing the system will save you on long-term fuel costs.
  • The boiler flame is yellow instead of blue. Yellow flame indicates carbon monoxide is being released, and that’s extremely dangerous.
  • The boiler is leaking. A seal or a valve is broken. If not easily repaired, the entire boiler needs to be replaced.
  • The fuel bill keeps climbing. As the boiler ages, it burns less efficiently. That means it uses more fuel.
  • The boiler is heating some rooms and not others. The boiler’s controls may be worn out and failing.
  • The boiler parts aren’t made anymore or are hard to find. You will pay more for parts that are difficult to find.

The worst time to replace a boiler is when it completely fails in the middle of winter. That makes every other time of year the best time for a boiler installation. If you need a boiler replacement, call Talmich today.

Why Should You Maintain Your Boiler

As with any other mechanical system, a boiler needs routine maintenance to make sure it continues to work for years to come. Once-a-year service by a trained boiler professional will keep it working efficiently, minimizing wear and tear. That keeps repair needs down and extends the life of the system.

Inside Gas Boiler Repair-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

Here’s a partial list of what we do when we do routine service on a boiler:

  • Check the system’s water for sludge or limescale buildup
  • Look for leaks
  • Check the burners for damage, verify fuel pressure, and clean the burners
  • Make sure the system is heating quickly
  • Look for any repair needs

Scheduling routine boiler services will help keep your system working efficiently for many years to come. If your system needs some attention, schedule a tune-up and cleaning with Talmich Plumbing & Heating today.

Gas Boiler Service-Talmich Plumbing & Heating Colorado Springs

When to Call for Professional Boiler Services

You depend on your boiler to keep your home or office warm during the coldest months. If it isn’t working, you can do some basic troubleshooting to see if it’s an easily solved issue. Here are two things to check:

  • Check the thermostat. Make sure it’s set to heat, and that the temperature is set to where you want it.
  • Check the breaker. The boiler has a circulating pump that uses electricity. If the breaker is tripped, reset it and see if it fixes the problem.

If neither of these things fixes the boiler trouble, you need to call in the professionals here at Talmich. We can identify the problem quickly and, in many cases, fix the problem right away. The problem could be something as simple as a broken thermostat. You won’t know until you call.

Give Us the Chance to Show You the Talmich Plumbing & Heating Difference

Talmich Plumbing & Heating is here to serve you. Our company is a family-owned and operated business, local to Colorado Springs. The core of our company is the father and son duo, Tom and Erik Talmich. They, along with our team of professional technicians, work to give you the best service possible.

We can handle of your boiler system needs including maintenance, repair, service, and installation. Give us a call at 719-822-0448 to schedule your free estimate today.

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